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About us

Entrepreneur Consultancy offers a wide range of products and services. These products and services are all focused on the development of entrepreneurship. We help our customers (and their end customers) to see opportunities, exploit them and ultimately create value for others and themselves.

Entrepreneurial hart
Entrepreneur Consultancy exists for more than 15 years now. Started in the previous millenium. It all began with the thesis of founder Martijn Driessen and then it went all out of hand. Although he knew he always wanted to start a business of his own, he never knew it would be consultancy firm. His first thoughts were of starting a hotel. But he saw an opportunity and wanted to take it with both hands.

Consultancy and dot-com company
It is more than just a consultancy firm. Most of our products and services are serviced through the Internet. It is a company that translates the science on entrepreneurship successfully into practical products and services of high quality.

Innovative products of high quality
Products like Entrepreneur Scan or in short just E-Scan, the Entrepreneur Platform, Intrapreneur Scan are all of high quality. But also our innovative services like Ondernemerwijzer – which is a unique combination of controlling and coaching in a structured way – and Green Clover – an informal and entrepreneurial informal investor in (young) companies is based on scientific research.




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