developing entrepreneurship worldwide

Developing enterpreneurship worldwide

Developing entrepreneurship worldwide is the mission of Entrepreneur Consultancy. Entrepreneurship is seeing opportunities, exploiting them and creating value for others and eventually for your self. That is what makes a human being entrepreneurial. Time after time. And making people more entrepreneurial is our passion. Whether you are a student, starting business owner or entrepreneur, we love to help you become and stay a better entrepreneur. Or help you how your customers can become and stay more entrepreneurial.

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We act on the vision that entrepreneurship can be developed. Mostly through learning by doing. But the development of the entrepreneur and his or her enterprise never evolve evenly. Both are inseparable and influence each other. This means that the way the business operates has its effect on the entrepreneur and vice versa.

Self knowledge is vital to any business. But it is always connected to business it self. For those who have a talent for doing business, this is easier than for those who fail on important entrepreneurial competencies. But therefor it is not impossible to become more entrepreneurial as research has proven.

The core of our strategy is to encourage our customer to become more entrepreneurial. We mostly start with Entrepreneur Scan. This is our first move to develop their entrepreneurial abilities. This is a pre-requisite to enter the next steps in our service. It is a self test, like entrepreneurship is a self test too. But this is merely the half of the solutions we provide.

It not only concerns the person, it also concerns the company or business idea of our customers. Both starting and established entrepreneurs. Their dreams and goals are our starting point. We help them realize with our products and services. We focus on enterprise and entrepreneur. For people who want to grow both personally and with their business, our doors open. We also help professionals and companies that want to use our products and services.




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