Entrepreneurial Index 2012

The Entrepreneurial Index is an indicator of how entrepreneurial Holland is. This is calculated by the average score of every person who has done an Entrepreneur Scan. The index goes from 0 to 100. Every week we publish the Entrepreneurial Index on our facebook page. In this blog we compare the Entrepreneurial Index 2012 – or in short EI 2012 with the EI 2011.

Yearly ten thousands of E-Scan are done. Via banks, Chambers of Commerce, National Development Agency, business and employability coaches and many companies that are focused on helping people towards a business of their own. It concerns both people willing to start a business and business owners who started their businesses months or years ago. All scores are averaged and presented as an index. The Entrepreneurial Index. It tells you something about how entrepreneurial Holland is for that matter.

Compared to the Entrepreneurial Index of 2011, 2012 has a stronger index throughout the year. For almost every month 2012 scores higher than 2011. All even score above 70. Only during the summer, 2011 shows slightly higher scores. This could however be coincidence.

In the image below you see Entrepreneurial Index of 2012 compared to 2011.


What strikes most is that 2012 scores higher than 2011. Overall higher than 70. This is not only higher than for 2011, it is also higher than all years before. Whether this is structural depends on the Entrepreneurial Index of 2013. After more in depth analyses, 2012 has higher scores on skills than on characteristics. Characteristics are more difficult to learn and develop than skills. Together they lead to higher score. Although more research into this trend is needed, an explanation for the higher scores on skills could be that more people nowadays start from a job position due to the current economic situation. This could explain the higher scores as well the lower scores on characteristics, because the entrepreneurial attitude and behavior is – by nature – less present with these job owning group who feel “forced” to start their own business rather than becoming unemployed.

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